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  1. PurAroma 7 Coffee machines
  2. PurAroma 7 Coffee maker KF 7120
Coffee machines

PurAroma 7 Coffee maker KF 7120

Stainless steel / black
Stainless steel / black

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The new PurAroma 7 models feature excellent coffee technology and premium design. Like every Braun coffee maker, they also feature the OptiBrewSystem for maximum coffee flavour by optimizing temperature, brewing time and extraction. And the AromaCarafe ensures that your coffee stays longer hot and retains its aroma.

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PurAroma KF7120 BK with glass carafe

PurAroma KF7120 BK with glass carafe



Every Braun coffee maker features the OptiBrewSystem for outstanding coffee taste and aroma. This Braun coffee technology delivers maximum flavour by optimizing temperature, brewing time and extraction. Enjoy a perfectly balanced cup of coffee – time after time

12 cup AromaCarafe

The uniquely designed aroma carafe holds the aroma and temperature inside for a longer period of time.

Calc warning

Calc warning will illuminate to indicate when descaling is needed to maintain best coffee aroma.

Coffee strength selector

Coffee strength selector allows you to enjoy your coffee regular or strong.

1-4 cups setting

For the finest aroma even when brewing small quantities.

Programmable 24-hour timer

No more waiting. Wake up to perfectly brewed fresh coffee. The easy-to-use 24 hour timer lets you set exactly when you want to have your coffee ready. Just push the auto-on button to easily set the time on the big LCD display – simple and convenient.

Premium LCD display

Easy to use premium LED control panel allows intuitive and convenient operation.


Reddot Award Winner 2016

Reddot Award Winner 2016

The red dot is an internationally recognized and sought-after quality seal since 1954. The international jury awards it only to projects that stand out significantly thanks to their excellent design.

Plus X Award 2016

Plus X Award 2016

The Plus X Award is a prize that distinguishes innovations being viable for the future, which simplify consumer’s lives, make them more enjoyable and which are ecologically meaningful.


Skatīt Instruction Manual
    • Jauda vatos (W): 1000
    • Clock:
    • Krāsa: Stainless steel / Black
    • Display: LCD
    • Vada glabāšanas vieta:
    • Trauku mazgājamā mašīnā mazgājamās daļas:
    • Nesatur A bisfenolu (pārtikas produktu saskarsmes daļas):
    • Control panel: Buttons
    • Easy clean design:
    • Anti-slip handle for easy and convenient pouring:
    • Filter release button for easy insertion and filling:
    • Illuminated buttons:
    • Easy pouring:
    • Programmable timer: 24 h
    • Brewing System: OptiBrew
    • Programmable 24 hour timer:
    • Auto shut-off:
    • Coffee strength selector:
    • Descale warning:
    • Capacity: 12 cups
    • Carafe Type: AromaCarafe
    • Filter basket: Removable filter basket
    • 1-4 cup button:
    • Drip-stop:
    • Water filtration system:
    • Zero watt power consumption in off mode:
    • Water level indicator:
    • Water filter included:
PurAroma 7 Coffee maker KF 7120