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  1. CareStyle 3
  2. CareStyle 3 Steam Generator Iron IS 3132 White/orange
Steam generator irons

CareStyle 3 Steam Generator Iron IS 3132 White/orange



Smaller, lighter, and more powerful than ever before. Designed for space-saving storage and easy handling, the new CareStyle 3 is now 11 % smaller than the previous model. But despite its compact size, it features a new XL 2-litre tank that lets you iron for up to 2.5 hours* without having to stop for water. And it is full of clever time saving features. You save 50 % time** for what really matters thanks to the unique combination of FreeGlide 3D Technology and DoubleSteam Technology – which is standard for the entire CareStyle range. In addition, there’s the innovative new Easy CalcClean system, which only takes two minutes to descale.


* In Eco setting

** Saves 50% time (internal laboratory test, compared to

Braun TS 5 steam iron)

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CareStyle 3 IS3132WH

CareStyle 3 IS3132WH

Cleaning vessel

Cleaning vessel


DoubleSteam Technology

Produces more than twice as much steam as normal steam irons, which helps cut your ironing time in half. Steam rate is 100% higher so you only have to go over a spot once instead of twice.* *Internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TexStyle 5

DoubleSteam Technology

FreeGlide 3D Technology

Its unique upward curving soleplate guarantees 360° glideability. Glide backwards over any obstacle like buttons and pockets.

FreeGlide 3D Technology

Easy CalcClean system

Ensures long-lasting performance by automatically warning of any mineral scaling build-up. When the CalcClean alert blinks, two minutes is all it takes to descale.

Easy CalcClean system


Powerful and compact.

Greater steam performance* and XL tank in a compact/small size. *compared to IS1012

World’s first FreeGlide3D soleplate

No more getting caught on buttons and pockets.


Braun’s best gliding soleplate. Even backwards.

iCare Mode

Smart iCare mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature for all kinds of fabrics – for smart textile protection.

Eco mode

For delicate fabrics. Save more than 48% energy* without compromising on great results. *Compared to the highest setting

Turbo mode

For the toughest fabrics.

Vertical refresh with dedicated function

Allows you to iron hanging garments from shirts to curtains without any constraints.

6 bar

6 bar pump pressure

Excellent steam rate

Heavy steam output makes the steam generator iron a more powerful and easy way to keep all of your garments wrinkle-free.

Perfect size for convenient storage and for your ironing board

11% smaller footprint than the previous model, the new CareStyle 3 is ideally designed for easy space saving storage and simple handling on your ironing board.

Easy CalcClean with reminder

Protects your steam generator, prolonging its lifespan, for long lasting performance.

Suitable for tap water

The easily removable water tank features a large opening that makes it very easy to refill at the faucet.

Easy lock system

Easy lock system to store the iron securely and easily.

Silent technology

Designed to make the ironing experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.

DoubleSteam technology

Produce more than twice as much steam as normal steam irons*, which helps cut your ironing time in half. Steam rate is 100% higher so you only have to go over a spot once.* Internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TexStyle 5.

XL 2L detachable water tank

The new 2-liter tank gives you up to 2.5 hours* of uninterrupted ironing. Enjoy the increased flexibility of ironing without having to stop for water. *in Eco setting


Protects your clothes from water stains and leakage during ironing even at low temperatures.

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Vaata Kasutusjuhend
    • FreeGlide 3D Technology for gliding backwards over any obstacles: jah
    • Smart textile protection thanks to iCare Technology: jah
    • Energy saving in Eco temperature mode* (*compared to highest setting): 48%
    • Settings: Digital: Eco, iCare, Turbo
    • Vertical steaming: jah
    • Descaling feature: Easy CalcClean
    • Silent technology: jah
    • Easy lock system: jah
    • Rapid heat-up: 2 min
    • Digital anti-drip: jah
    • Steam shot: 400 g/min
    • Steam rate: 120 g/min
    • Juhtmehoidik: jah
    • Värv: Orange
    • Suitable for tap water: jah
    • Pressure: 6 bar (pump pressure)
    • Võimsus (W): 2400
    • Water tank capacity: 2 l
    • Soleplate coating: EloxalPlus
    • Toitejuhtme pikkus: 1.8 m
    • Off mode: Auto off
    • Removable water tank: jah
CareStyle 3 Steam Generator Iron IS 3132 White/orange