Squared & Stuffed Southwest Burgers

Looking for a new twist on your expected burger? Look no further this Southwest Burger with Chipotle Aioli recipe, made exclusively by our friends at BuzzFeed’s Tasty with our Braun MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender. #ConquerTheExpected


2 pounds ground beef (make sure to purchase beef that is packaged squarely)
2 ounces cubed Monterey Jack cheese (8 small cubes)
4 canned green chiles (chop 2, reserve the other 2)
Salt for seasoning

1 cup mayonnaise 
1 large garlic clove
½ green chile chopped
½ fresh jalapeño, chopped 

To assemble 
9 slices Texas toast
8 teaspoons butter
Salt for seasoning

1. Heat grill to high
2. Place large sheet of wax paper on baking sheet, open beef and flip onto one side of paper. Using a knife, evenly divide meat in half, setting aside 1 of the halves. 
3. Take remaining half and cut in half again. Cover with a large piece of wax paper.
4. Using 1 slice of bread as a guide, gently mold 1 of the halves to match the slice of bread. Use it to mold the other (should have fairly even squares around ⅓ inch thick). Season well with salt. 
5. Place cheese and ½ of the green chiles in the BRAUN Multiquick food processor bowl, pulse until combined but not too soft. (Should be cheese ball texture).
6. Remove wax paper and place ¼ cheese chile mixture on one half of the burger.
7. Carefully place a hand under the paper and guide the 2 halves together. Using the paper, fold over the beef and continue to mold into the bread shape, while also fusing meat together. Discard bread.
8. Lightly oil grill and sear burgers, then turn down to medium-heat and close lid. Grill until cooked to preferred degree of doneness, 8-10 minutes. 
9. Cover burgers with foil to keep warm.
10. To make the aioli, add all ingredients to BRAUN Multiquick Hand Blender and blend to combine. Place remaining bread on grill and butter, toast until browned. 
11. Place burgers on toast and top with remaining green chiles and aioli.

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