Tangerine, Turmeric and Carrot smoothie

This recipe was prepared using a Braun PureMix Countertop Blender and the Smoothie2Go blending set


½ cup almond milk
¼ cup whole milk Greek yogurt
½ tangerine, peeled and seeded
½ small carrot, cut into 2-inch pieces
½ inch of fresh turmeric, peeled
½ inch of fresh ginger, peeled
1 tablespoons agave syrup
½ cup crushed ice 

  1. First put the ice, ginger, carrot, turmeric, tangerine and agave syrup into the Smoothie2Go cup.  Then add the yogurt and pour the milk on top of the ingredients.
  2. Carefully place the blade group including gasket onto the cup. Take the plastic locking ring of your Braun Blender and twist it onto the cup until it is completely tightened.
  3. Turn the cup upside down, and place it on the blender base.
  4. Press the On/Off button and select “Liquify” to start. Press it again until it reaches your desired consistency.
  5. In addition, you can hit the Pulse button for a short burst of maximum power.
  6. When finished blending, remove the cup from the base, being careful not to twist the cup off of the base – simply pull the cup up and off the base.
  7. Turn the cup upright and remove the blade assembly.
  8. Attach the secure stay lid to the cup, and take it to go!

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