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Banana, oat & prune smoothie

Total time:
10 mins



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  1. Attach the jug blender attachment to Braun’s IdentityCollection Food processor FP 5160 and fill with the banana, prunes, yoghurt, orange juice and oats. Simply select the jug blender program and it intelligently selects the perfect speed and timing. Your food processor does the work for you, come back when it’s finished.
  2. To achieve a smooth consistency, add a small amount of cold mineral water - a little at a time - through the filling shaft, which enables you to keep blending while adding the water. No time is wasted turning on and off.
  3. Pour into glasses through the filler opening and serve.
This recipe was prepared using Braun’s IdentityCollection Food processor FP 5160 with its jug blender attachment.