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Banana, honey and ginger smoothie with yoghurt & soy milk

Total time:
10 mins



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  1. Get your daily kick of vitamins faster than ever before. Simply place the banana, soy milk, yoghurt, ginger, honey and oats in Braun’s IdentityCollection Jug blender JB 5160.
  2. Select the smoothie pre-set program, press the start button and then you can walk away. The jug blender intelligently selects the perfect speed and amount of time needed to obtain ideal results. Even the ginger will be perfectly blended!
  3. When the right consistency is achieved, the blender stops itself (to turn it off completely, switch back to the "off" mode). Simply pour into glasses and serve! It’s the most convenient and quickest way to whip up a delicious drink full of fresh nutrition.

This recipe was prepared using Braun’s Identity Collection Jug blender JB 5160.