The right water is crucial


Since 98% of a cup of coffee is water, the quality of your tap water affects your enjoyment of coffee. Its taste is dependent on the method of preparation and the quality of the coffee and the water. Coffee can only develop its true aroma with the right water.

The limescale content of drinking water differs greatly from region to region. Coffee and hard water with its high limescale content do not go well together. Limescale impairs the development of the fine flavours of coffee during brewing. That is why most Braun coffeemakers are fitted with a quality Brita water filter.

Braun and Brita – world leader in water filtration – have developed a special water filter for the Braun CaféHouse range. A fine mesh catches any particles present in the tap water. An ion exchange resin reduces the hardness of the water and concentrations of aluminium, copper and lead. Activated carbon filtration deals with the chlorine and other impurities that affect coffee taste. This allows your coffee to unfold its full aroma – and minimises calcification of the coffeemaker. 

We recommend to let your tap run for a few seconds before taking the water for your coffee. More oxygenated cold water will help to prevent your coffee from tasting flat.