Healthier than you think!


Coffee has an image problem – wrongly so. Research shows that coffee is not necessarily bad for your health:

Coffee and dehydration
Although coffee has a temporary diuretic effect, passionate coffee drinkers can cheerfully count coffee as part of their daily liquid intake.

Coffee and brainpower
Research has shown that drinking coffee improves your memory and helps you concentrate.

Coffee and sport
Coffee has a positive effect on performance by increasing vigour, improving reaction times and staving off exhaustion.

Coffee and disease
Studies indicate that coffee can help prevent bowel cancer, Parkinson’s and diabetes and does not cause chronically high blood pressure.

Coffee and cholesterol
Unfiltered coffee, if drunk frequently, raises cholesterol levels but drip-brewed coffee only has negligible amounts of cholesterol-raising cafestol and kahweol.

Coffee and alcohol
Regular coffee consumption has been shown to reduce the risk of alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver.

Scientists know that some of the thousand or more substances in coffee have a positive effect on your health, but little is known about many of them.