Sweet and sour chanterelle soup with potato croutons

Sweet and sour chanterelle soup with potato croutons

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  • Serves: Up to 2 people

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Sweet and sour chanterelle soup with potato croutons

A new way to enjoy chanterelles: This soup is easy to prepare and has an exciting caramel touch.

Serves: 2


1. Fry the chanterelles together with the onions, ham and butter in a pot (save 2 tbsp. chanterelles in a bowl for later).
2. Now add the sugar and caramelise. This turns the sugar brown and solid.
3. Then quench with the balsamic vinegar (this may cause splashing!), stir well until the caramel has dissolved again and concentrate briefly. Add stock, cream, salt and pepper. Put the lid on the pot and simmer for 10 minutes.
4. Blend with the Braun Multiquick or strain through a sieve to obtain a fine viscidity.
5. Season to taste with salt, pepper and a dash of balsamic vinegar.
6. Roast the potato cubes golden brown in butter oil.
7. Serve the soup with the extra chanterelles and the croutons.

A tip: Garnish with freshly cut chives!

Good to know

"Straining" means pressing a liquid, e.g. a sauce or soup, through a sieve held over a pot or bowl. This filters out larger solids, so that only the liquid remains.

"Concentrate" means cooking liquid in an open pot or pan until part of it has evaporated. This concentrates the flavour of the broth or sauce.


½ onion, diced
300 g cleaned and washed chanterelles
1 tbsp. diced ham
1 tbsp. brown sugar
2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
0.2 l stock
0.2 l cream
1 tbsp. butter
1 large potato, diced into fine cubes
2 tbsp butter oil

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