The right equipment

A good quality iron

Think about what you need your iron to do. Has it got a Precision Tip so you can reach into those tiny corners or create the perfect creases? You’ll need to think about cool temperatures for delicate fabrics but the iron will still need supply enough steam to get the job done.

A scratch resistant surface is a must for those easy-to pull materials, while your iron should be light and easy to manoeuvre. An iron needs to be drip-resistant at all times if beautiful satins and silks are going to be smooth to touch and water stain-free.

Once you’ve got your quality iron – try the Braun TexStyle 7 with the soft textile protector to look after your beautiful delicates – what should you do to ensure that everything goes smoothly?

  1. Check the instructions on the label and stick to them. Don’t turn the iron up hotter because you’re in a hurry – you’ll regret it the second the iron touches the fabric!

  2. Decide if you’re going to iron in some sharp creases in garments like shirts or trousers before you start so you don’t waste time.

  3. Get steamy! Steam makes ironing faster and easier. Make sure your iron is drip resistant though – water stains are very annoying.

  4. Make sure your iron has a lovely smooth surface. Delicate garments can pull easily so avoid any iron that has bumps where it shouldn’t.

  5. Get your ironing board at the correct height. You need to be able to apply the correct pressure when ironing, so don’t have the board too high. Too low and you’ll risk straining your back.

Decent coat hangers

Decent coat hangers – shops are happy to let you have the plastic hanger your outfit has come on for free, but they certainly don’t do your clothes any favours. Those in the know always use padded or smooth wooden hangers, as these help keep your clothes in shape.
Also think about what shouldn’t be hung up; just because you bought it hanging up in the shop doesn’t mean it is the best way to store it. Most jumpers, for instance, are happier in drawers.

A ‘smalls bag’

Tangled tights and snarled up stockings are a familiar sight as they emerge from the washing machine. Time is too precious to always hand wash these items but to keep them from snagging on zips or catching
buttons in the washing machine, invest in a ‘smalls bag’. Just pop all your delicate tights and underwear into the bag, put it in the machine, and wash as normal.

A washing machine with a variety of cycles

Pick one that allows you to spin clothes you’ve hand-washed, and one which offers cool to hot washes.

A decent detergent

You always use shampoo not soap to wash your hair, so think about washing delicate garments in a similar way.
A normal washing powder is fine for most things but pick a special detergent for hand washing fine clothes.

A good fabric softener

Beautifully cared for clothes need to be super-soft if you’re to get the most out of wearing them. Snuggling down into your delicate cashmere won’t be the same unless you use a fabric softener when you wash it.

A freshening spray

Washing too often can seriously impact on the life expectancy of your delicates, but what can you do if you your clothes aren’t dirty but you just need to remove the smell of smoke or food? Invest in a freshening spray like Febreeze to cut down on the amount of times you actually need to wash your favourites.