Everybody's darling
People are divided into fish lovers and fish haters. Luckily, on the narrow borderline, there is a wonderful and amazing fish called salmon that reconciles both, as it is often enjoyed even by those who have an aversion to almost anything living in water.
Salmon can be served in many ways, cold or hot. Since it is almost impossible to completely spoil a good salmon, it has become an object of imaginative cooking in all the best restaurants in the world. For instance, "The Fat Duck" - one of the best dining places in the world - has created a yummy "salmon poached with liquorice".

Wellness food
Salmons are incredible fish anyhow, but first of all they merit the title of being the number one wellness food worldwide.
Nutritionist have accumulated endless data to document the surprising effects of their omega-3 fatty acids on the power of your heart, the speed of your brain, and the longevity of your whole body. Believe it or not, salmon can even help to prevent melancholia and moderate grumpiness among teenagers.
And all this is achieved with something that tastes good? Well, this depends a little bit on your skill and ideas.

Feel free to combine
Of course, the ambitious salmon cook knows a thousand ways to go beyond the simple salmon steak with a creamy sauce, or the thin raw slices with some dill on top of it. For instance, have you ever tried a wrap with a salmon filling and a fruit salsa? Or a crème made of avocado and salmon? A salmon paté? Filled pasta with a salmon pureé including parsley, mozzarella, and a splash of lemon? Give it a try.
It will be a pleasure to your Braun Multiquick 5 hand blender to combine salmon with some of your creamy, spicy, or uncommon ideas in order to produce sauces and salsas that earn you smiles from your guests.

Keep cool about the colours
You might have noticed that the colours of salmon range from pink and red to a rather pale orange. The reason is there are some different species out there in the sea. While the Atlantic is home only to one species, the Atlantic salmon, there are five types to be caught in the Pacific (Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Pink, and Chum).
When you go fishing at the super market or in a fish store keep your catch cool. Fish is sensitive to temperature. If you have to defrost it, do it in the refrigerator and not as an open air event. Meanwhile you can rest and create a new recipe.