Small wonder
An egg is indispensable, for a variety of its characteristics like to coagulate like gelatine, or to foam like cream. But these properties are only of minor importance compared to the fact that when you started cooking as a kid you started with an egg.
Since you managed for the first time to isolate the yellow yolk and the translucent white from its protective shell and let the slimy thing slide into a pan you were seduced by cooking.
Even those who feel strongly opposed to the effort of using their own kitchen sometimes proudly prepare themselves a scrambled egg. One of the many wonders an egg can perform.

The absolute essential
An egg is a must in your refrigerator, as it is an easy source of quality protein. One single egg provides you with about 11% of average daily requirement. And there's more in a single package, like nice carbohydrates, a little fat and an efficient array of micronutrients, making it a whole food.
Furthermore, eggs are one of the most delicious fast foods. Cut into pieces whatever you have to hand - cheese, ham, vegetables -, stir gently together with an egg or two, sprinkle your favourable spices over it, heat it up in less than 5 minutes. That´s all - your individual tasty meal in almost no time. Well, the Guinness record for omelettes is 40 seconds (Howard Helmer).

Just add a delicious twist
Even such a simple basic element as an egg has some complexities when a motivated chief enters the kitchen to perform his art on a mayonnaise, sauce Hollandaise, a crème brulée, crème caramel or a paté. In all these cases only the yolk is needed, while in a mousse au chocolat or for glossing cakes you just need the white.
With its ability to bring together even fat and water, an egg can be a rather creative tool. So plug in your Braun Multiquick 5 hand blender and start your experiments. If they fail, you still can make an imaginative omelette in a minute.

A good companion
Eggs are high in cholesterol? Right, at least the yolk. But lately, health experts have found out that the cholesterol levels in your blood depend mostly on the saturated fat in the diet, not on the cholesterol you eat.
Furthermore, scientists have noticed improvements in one's cholesterol profile by eating eggs. And eggs may help to lower the risk of heart attack. So, don't be over-anxious.