Nothing to regret
Every apple is a unique taste experience. You bite into one wondering how it will taste. In fact, the aroma of an apple results from a subtle mixture of more than 250 substances ranging from very sweet (Red or Golden Delicious) to very sour (Gravenstein, Granny Smith).
For cooking or baking, sour apples are best because they retain more of their texture during cooking. But however apples excite your senses, they are definitely nothing to regret.

It's so simple
During history, the apple has been used as a symbol for temptation, power, love, and beauty. In recent times it has become a major symbol for natural health. Probably not just because several thousands of nutritionists all over the world did in-depth research on the health effects of apples.
After all, an apple is just so extremely simple. Just bite into it and enjoy the proven fact: Yes, it's good for all of your body. But why just bite into something that bears such a big potential to revolutionise your cuisine? There are still continents to be discovered if people would stop just making apple pie out of it.

Cross cooking
Apple juice, apple sauce, apple pie - some regional and modern cuisines have expanded the narrow range of cooking with apples by crossing it with unexpected vegetables and various spices.
Apples cooperate pretty well with potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, pepper, nuts, and meat of all kind and are tolerant if you choose to add some strange spices. Strong soups, incredible delicious sauces, chutneys, and other wild ideas are a nice field for experimenting with apples, as well as with the possibilities of Braun's Multiquick 5 hand blender that is rather helpful when you want to combine the different molecules of taste with sensual enjoyment.

Myths and facts
Apples have been stirred into almost every region's tales and legends. Troj, for example, has been completely downsized because an apple was given to Aphrodite. But what are the facts?
An apple a day can knock down cholesterol levels, reduce risks of heart diseases, asthma, kidney stones, and diabetes 2, ushers heavy metals like lead and mercury out of the body, stabilises blood sugar levels, has proved toin the be very effective  struggle against several forms of cancers.
And, by the way, the apple is a member of the rose family, and originated in Kazakhstan.