Eat something remarkable
Each February, more than one million beehives are trucked to a specific region in California for the so-called controlled pollination of almond trees. This leads to a harvest of nearly half a billion kilograms of almonds per year, which instantly raises the question: When you buy a pound of almonds what can you do with so much of a wonderful and unique flavour? If you intend to design some imaginative dishes there are endless possibilities.

The gourmet nut
Apart from the fact that almonds are always a complimentary offer in airport lounges and in fancy hotel bars, they more and more frequently haunt the stylish dinner plates of modern restaurants of all kinds.
Though they belong in some countries to the regional cuisine - like Spain, Turkey, or India - almonds have won many credits for being the "gourmet nut". It's easy to taste why: They are not as earthy as hazelnuts, and not as fruity as coconuts, but guardedly elegant, sending a rich array of different signals to the sensitive palate. Maybe because almonds are not really nuts but a close relative of the peach.

Have a crush on almonds
Beverages like Almond Fruit Smoothies - easy to produce in your Braun Multiquick 5 blender - might open your mind to the many possibilities of adding some almonds to salads, soups, vegetables, or meat dishes.
Whatever you're planning to cook might offer a chance to sprinkle some lovely crushed, shredded or grinded almonds over it. Hackled almonds are easy to add to pasta dishes, pestos, salad dressings, gratin toppings, and harmonize perfectly with fish and chicken.
Your imagination is the limit, since your Braun Multiquick 5 hand blender with chopping attachment gets even the hardest almonds as tiny as you want them.

A toast to all almonds
In many cases the quick fun starts when you reduce almonds into little particles. To get the fragments not too small and not too big, put the whole almonds in the chopper of Braun Multiquick 5 hand blender and then pulse the motor on and off at low speed.
After that, you might put them in a frying pan together with some drops of vegetable oil and toast them cautiously over medium-low heat. If you like, add a few dry herbs or other spices, even parmesan cheese can be an option, and then sprinkle the crisp topping over salads, vegetables, meat, or pasta.