FAQs 9 - 12 months

  1. Should I brush my baby's teeth?

    From the time teeth appear, usually around 6-9 months you should be cleaning them gently and regularly. Clean teeth twice a day with a soft brush and a tiny smear of fluoride containing tooth paste.

  2. Can my baby have eggs?

    Babies can be introduced to eggs from about 6 months onwards although they must be thoroughly cooked so that the yolk is not runny. A very small number of children show an allergy to eggs. However, any family history of egg allergy (or eczema) may indicate that your child could be at greater risk. In these instances, introduce a little egg gradually so that you can monitor any reaction if it occurs. If your baby is allergic to eggs, then pulses, meat, fish and soya products are all good alternative sources of protein.

  3. When should I stop completely pureeing foods?

    Most babies will tolerate (or even enjoy!) foods with soft lumps from around 7-8 months. To get them started, it is a good idea to mash some of your baby's cooked food and mix with food that you have pureed using your Braun Multiquick hand blender. Gradually you can puree food less and less until you are using your Multiquick only to pulse ingredients very quickly before serving, and of course, to make drinks that need to remain smooth, like smoothies and shakes.