Multiquick 5 Hand blender MR 530 Sauce

Please note - this product is no longer available.

  • Blending and pureeing

    Blending and pureeing

    Do you love creating milk shakes, blending your own fresh baby food or pureeing a soup comfortably in the pot? The stainless steel blender shaft gives you best tested results in seconds. And its unique anti-splashing design ensures spotless kitchen fun.

  • Chopping


    Meat, hard cheese, nuts, carrots etc. are chopped within seconds. The mid size chopper (500 ml) is best for regular quantities.

  • Whipping, beating and stirring

    Whipping, beating and stirring

    Beating egg white, whipping cream and preparing fluffy desserts, sponge cake or egg dishes is easily done with the stainless steel whisk just like using a hand mixer. Best results are ensured using the ultra low speed setting.

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