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  1. TributeCollection Food processor
  2. TributeCollection Kitchen machine
  • TributeCollection Food processor


    Braun Food Processor

    Purely what you need
    for easy and precise preparation of any recipes.
    Versatile and convenient.

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  • TributeCollection Kitchen machine


    Braun Kitchen machine

    Purely what you need
    for maximum versatility and optimum efficiency.
    Any job and anytime.

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The secret behind gourmet cooking

Real kitchen pros expect a lot from their equipment. That's no problem for kitchen machines from Braun because they are especially powerful and durable. And they can do just about everything due to their wide range of functions.

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Citrus press (1)
Dishwasher safe parts (2)
Dough tool (1)
Electronic, variable speed control (1)
Energy efficient (1)
French fries disc (1)
Juice extractor insert (1)
Plastic chopper bowl (1)
Plastic universal bowl (1)
Pre-set speed function (1)
Pulse button (2)
Stainless steel grating insert (1)
Stainless steel shredding insert (1)
Stainless steel slicing insert (1)
Wattage (2)
Whipping/blending tool (1)
Colour (2)
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