Romesco cod (Marc Fosh)




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  1. Braun’s MQ 20 chopper accessory takes care of the small things for you. For the bean stew place the garlic and onion in the chopper accessory, attach a suitable hand blender and finely chop by pulsing a few times. Transfer to a large pan and soften for 5 minutes at medium heat.
  2. For quicker results, re-use the cleaned MQ 20 chopper accessory to chop the tomato. First cut the tomato in half and place in the accessory. Attach to the hand blender and roughly chop. Now add the chopped tomato, saffron and white beans to the pan. Cover with fish stock and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes.
  3. For the crust, roast the red pepper under high heat until the skin starts to blacken. Place in a bowl and cover well with cling-film. When cool, peel the skin off the pepper by hand, cut it in half and remove seeds.
  4. Place the almonds, garlic and bread pieces in Braun’s MQ 40 chopper / blender accessory. Attach to your hand blender and chop to a rough mixture. Add the mixture and half the olive oil in a frying pan and toast them over a gentle heat.
  5. Add this mixture to the peppers and blend to a purée using Braun’s Hand blender with its blending shaft. Add the tomato puree, paprika, Sherry vinegar and the remaining olive oil. The hand blender enables you to effortlessly adjust the blending speed with one hand. Start blending slowly and increase the speed gradually to form a silky, smooth paste.
  6. Finally, cover each cod fillet with a spoonful of the paste and place on a baking tray. Bake the fish for 15 minutes at 200ºC. Divide the saffron-bean stew between 4 bowls and top with a fillet of romesco crusted cod. Serve immediately.
This recipe was prepared using Braun’s MultiQuick Hand blender with its MQ 20 (350 ml) chopper accessory and its MQ 40 (1.25 l) chopper / blender accessory, like for example in our set: MQ 5045 WH Aperitive.

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