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Since the right combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise is so crucial to your physical fitness, the Braun 7-Day Feel Good Guide will provide you with healthy recipes that can be easily prepared with the MQ 5 Vario Fit, as well as a training program that can be perfectly combined with the right meals. The guide will show you step-by-step what healthy nutrition with effective training exercises can look like, so you can optimize your overall well-being. Have fun!

Nutrition & Fitness guide

Day 1 - Recipes and Fitness exercises


Nutrition & Fitness guide

Day 2 - Recipes and Fitness exercises


Nutrition & Fitness guide

Day 3 - Recipes and Fitness exercises


Nutrition & Fitness guide

Day 4 - Recipes and Fitness exercises


Nutrition & Fitness guide

Day 5 - Recipes and Fitness exercises


Nutrition & Fitness guide

Day 6 - Recipes and Fitness exercises


Nutrition & Fitness guide

Day 7 - Recipes and Fitness exercises


Nutrition & Fitness guide

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