TexStyle 7

TexStyle 7 steam iron TS 745 A

Product Information
£ 79.99

The TexStyle 7 iron boosts 60% more steam and intense power into tough ironing jobs to perform better and effectively remove stubborn wrinkles quickly and easily.

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Product Features

Smoothes perfectly and fast. 15 t-shirts ironed in 30 minutes.

Braun’s best gliding soleplate: the unique Eloxal coating provides extraordinary glideability to accelerate the ironing process. By effectively smoothing your garments, you finish ironing quicker than ever before.

Steam tip

Despite the fact that 60% of ironing performs spout conventional irons steam fed very little at this point. The unique shape of the steam holes irons TexStyle 7 allows to produce steam closer to the spout - exactly where it is needed, thereby providing a higher quality of ironing in hard to reach places


The auto-off function automatically turns off the steam iron after 8 minutes in the vertical position or after 30 seconds in the horizontal position. This feature not only ensures safety, but also saves energy for you. Whether you are just taking a break or rushing out the door, you never have to worry again about hot irons home alone - trust in the Braun auto-off function to take care of everything for you.