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Hand blender attachments & accessories

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Different fabrics, different needs


Do you know the Symbol for no tumble drying?

​​​​​​​With so many different types of fabrics it is not always easy to know how to treat them properly. Luckily most of our clothes come with a sewn-in user manual: the label.
If you know what all the symbols on it stand for, you are on the safe side. So here‘s a reminder of all the symbols and their meaning – they might come in handy on your next laundry day.
GarmentCare Symbols - different favrics

You have read the symbol but are still unsure of how to iron your item? Try Braun‘s smart iCare mode – for all kinds of fabrics. Regardless of the length of time spent ironing, your ironing needs or the garment – iCare technology will make your ironing experience quicker and easier. Smart iCare mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature for all kinds of fabrics – for smart textile protection and no time wasted on heating up or cooling down.

Tips for complicated garments

Did you know…

…how to stretch shrunk textiles?

No need to worry if your jumper has shrunk in the wash. Try this: first soak the textile in water with conditioner for about half an hour, then put it on a towel. Stretch out carefully to its original size and let dry. The process can be repeated, if the clothing does not come back to its original shape after the first try. This trick works well for knitwear made from wool, cotton or cashmere. 

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