Modern British cuisine

British cuisine

The empire strikes back
For several hundred years good British cooking was French and it was only served at the tables of the aristocracy and the rich. The native cuisine always had an affinity to plainness but over time the standards slipped down to the point that even the more tasteful traditions fell into oblivion. Finally, 14 years of food rationing lasting until 1954 ruined the British taste so that bland and stodgy food could become legendary throughout the world.
Now, the empire strikes back. Since the 80s, a battalion of ambitious and rather successful British chefs have been changing preconceptions. Some of their books are already reaching Paris ...

Contemporary and cosmopolitan
In London there are more than 3,000 Indian restaurants. In fact, the most popular dish in Great Britain lately was chicken tikka masala, an Indian dish that only exists in Britain.
Also the modern British cuisine is digesting international influences from the Far East as well as from Italy, Spain, and France, but what is really amazing, is the delicious rediscovery of old British recipes with a big dash of creative courage. For instance, Gary Rhodes, one of the most celebrated new cooks, has stylishly revived fish cakes, braised oxtail and even bread and butter pudding.

Discovering the real thing
To take national dishes and rejuvenate them for the taste of a cosmopolitan society is one side of the coin. On the other there is the surprising revival of quality home grown ingredients.
Today, part of the reputation of a modern British restaurant is its sourcing of organic produce from British farmers. This approach naturally matches perfectly a good vegetable based soup. While the Braun Multiquick 5 hand blender might help you with the whisking and chopping, you might also throw in some pieces of beef, thus justifying the claim that it is truly British.

What do you want to rejuvenate?
To start your own career as a new British chef the best advice is to find new applications for the main themes of the traditional British cuisine, like roast beef, stew or sea fish. Especially the famous Yorkshire pudding is open to various sensual directions to cooperate with almost any meat, fish or vegetable.

With the whisk of the Braun Multiquick 5 hand blender, anybody can reach a 3-star result, stirring up a hot debate about modern British cuisine.