World cuisines

Discover the typical cooking of other countries. Join us on a culinary voyage that will introduce you to foreign ingredients, other ways to prepare food and entirely new gustatory experiences.

  • Maltese cuisine

    Maltese cuisine braun
    Although the Republic of Malta lies most closely to Italy, the Greek, French, British and North African also left perceptible influences...
  • Catalan cuisine

    Catalan cuisine braun
    Catalan cuisine is its own style of Mediterranean cooking. Often stunningly simple, it is rather creative with an unique disposition...
  • Italian cuisine

    italian cuisine braun
    No other country in the world is so proud of its vast amount of regional specialities as Italy. 103 provinces contribute their recipes...
  • Modern British cuisine

    british cuisine braun
    The modern British cuisine is digesting international influences but what is amazing is the rediscovery of old British recipes with...
  • Scandinavian cuisine

    Scandinavian cuisine Braun
    Scandinavian dishes have aspects that are as tasteful as Scandinavian design. Discover its diversified textures and culinary excitements...

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