TexStyle 7 steam iron TS 765 ATP

Please note - this product is no longer available.

  • Great performance

    Great performance

    The Braun TexStyle 7 gives you 2400* watt performance. It delivers full steam intensity out of three active areas including pre-conditioning steam. This powerful steam enables effective "long stroke" ironing. You attain a flawless finish quickly and comfortably.
    *not all models

  •  Precision tip

    Precision tip

    Typically more than 60% of the ironing is done with the tip however normal irons give only little steam at this point. The unique triangle steam steam shot of the TexStyle 7 brings the powerful steam with up to 150g/min closer to the tip of the iron, right there where you need it and ensures better ironing results even in the hard to reach areas.

  • Vertical steam shot

    Vertical steam shot

    Steam can be raised up to 120 g/min by pressing the "extra steam" button. This power shot will smooth even the toughest creases effortlessly (like linen with really obstinate creases). And it can be used vertically, which is perfect for removing creases in curtains and garments.

  • auto-off steam iron

    Auto off

    Auto shut-off after 8 min in vertical position or 30 seconds in a horizontal position for max. safety and energy saving.

  • 400ml water tank

    Large water tank

    400ml water tank for longer ironing autonomy.

  • Variable steam

    Variable steam

    The steam rate can be set individually up to extremely powerful 50 g/min being a big help in ironing virtually every garment.

  • Perfect gliding

    Perfect gliding

    A high quality soleplate is essential to bringing the iron's performance on and into your fabric. TexStyle 7 unique saphir* soleplate is four times harder than stainless steel, providing excellent scratch resistance and guarantees a smooth glide for years to come, always looking like new. The saphir* soleplate is so scratch-resistant that you can even clean it with steel wool without causing damage to your precious iron. 
    *not all models

  • Textile Protector

    Textile Protector

    The Textile protector prevents heat damage and minimises the risk of shiny patches on your dark delicate fabrics by reducing soleplate temperature to a safe but still highly effective level. There is also no need for an ironing cloth whoich can obstruct yur view of the piece of clothing you are ironing.

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