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TexStyle 5 Steam iron TS 525 A

With auto-off system for maximum safety and energy saving. Designed to ensure ultimate ease in ironing and flawless results. 

Please note - this product is no longer available.

TexStyle 5 steam iron TS525A

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TexStyle 5 irons stand for top-quality, smooth ironing results on all kinds of clothes, right down to the finest details. The unique premium soleplates combined with an efficient steam rate guarantee reliable performance, easily removing all wrinkles from even the most sophisticated garments. Conceived and designed for durability, superb gliding and perfect final results.

The TexStyle 5 steam iron TS525A comes with the auto-off system to enable maximum safety and energy saving. It shuts off after 8 minutes in vertical position or 30 seconds in horizontol position. 

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Unique Eloxal Soleplate

Great scratch resistance: up to 2 x harder than stainless steel. Perfect gliding over all garments.The high-quality soleplate combines the latest technology with insightful design to give you the high performance you need and ensure ultimate ease in ironing and flawless results. The unique Eloxal soleplate brings the iron's performance on and into your fabric.

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Lightweight steam iron with ergonomic open handle

Comfort use is ensured by the product ergonomics and light weight. The ergonomic design provides an easier grip with more comfortable handling and improved manoeuvrability. The soft touch of the ergonomic open handle ensures maximum comfort and greater ease of use.

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