Multiquick 5 Hand blender MR 550 B

Please note - this product is no longer available.

  • Whipping, beating and stirring

    Whipping, beating and stirring

    Beating egg white, whipping cream and preparing fluffy desserts, sponge cake or egg dishes is easily done with the stainless steel whisk just like using a hand mixer.

  • Mincing


    Chopping herbs or onions was never as easy and tearless.

  • Slicing


    Wonderfully even slices are provided with the cutter insert in the multifunctional attachment.

  • Shredding


    Fruit and vegetables are brought into perfect - coarse or fine - shape using the shredding insert in the multifunctional attachment. 

  • Cutting julienne

    Cutting julienne

    You can cut delicate triangular, flat or rectangular julienne sticks like a gourmet chef using the julienne insert in the multifunctional attachment.

  • Blending and pureeing

    Blending and pureeing

    The stainless steel blender shaft gives you best tested results in seconds.

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