Multiquick 1 Hand blender MQ 100 Curry

Please note - this product is no longer available.

  • Simple speed activation

    Simple speed activation

    Start blending the easy way –
    simply with one touch.

  • Beaker


    600 ml plastic beaker, BPA free, with ml and fl oz measurements.

  • Ultra hard stainless steel blades

    Ultra hard stainless steel blades

    Angled in opposite direction to optimise blending results and reduce suction.

  • 6 feet

    6 feet

    Ensures optimum flow into blade area, prevents anti-splash and allows larger foods to be processed from all sides.

  • Unique floral bell shape

    Unique floral bell shape

    Turned opposite direction to the blades, draws food towards angled blades for faster blending results.

  • PowerBell technology

    PowerBell technology

    World's first hand blender technology. Proven to produce finer and more even blending for perfect results. Unique anti-splash design to ensure a spotless kitchen.

  • Compact and handy

    Compact and handy

    For easy handling and easy storage.

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