Food processors

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  2. TributeCollection Food processor
  3. TributeCollection Kitchen machine
  • IdentityCollection FP


    Food processor

    Compact. Intelligent. Strong. Unmistakably Braun.

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  • TributeCollection Food processor


    Braun Food Processor

    Purely what you need
    for easy and precise preparation of any recipes.
    Versatile and convenient.

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  • TributeCollection Kitchen machine


    Braun Kitchen machine

    Purely what you need
    for maximum versatility and optimum efficiency.
    Any job and anytime.

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The secret behind gourmet cooking with your food processor

Real kitchen pros expect a lot from their equipment. That's no problem for the best food processors from Braun because they are especially powerful, durable and quiet; they can do just about everything due to their wide range of functions.

Preparing ingredients precisely and efficiently can be a big time consuming job, whether it’s strong foods like chilli or garlic you’d prefer not to handle to grinding whole grains into flour and chopping nuts finely for a cake to making homemade mayonnaise and puréeing soups and sauces and preparing salsas, pestos, dips, and spreads even turning bread into bread crumbs: with all the fine chopping and grinding required for these kinds of recipes, a food processor really makes the job a lot easier. Make shredding cheese a breeze for your pastas and similar recipes.

Save time in the kitchen by letting your trusty food processor do all the hard work for you, our range of food processors can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Feel like trying  new recipes? Here, you will find easy and well explained recipes and some secret tips and suggestions. We also have recipes for your baby and toddler in the braun baby nutrition center outlining the different feeding stages and offers dozens of recipes for each of them.