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Multiquick 3 Hand blender MR 320 Omelette

The Braun Multiquick 3 offers many advantages in your kitchen every day. So that you can prepare meals quickly and easily.

The Braun Multiquick 3 MR320 omelette hand blender

The Multiquick 3 MR320 omelette hand blender is your daily advantage in the kitchen chopping and preparing almost any ingredient you may need.

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Your shortcut to great cooking

The Multiquick 3 MR320 omelette hand blender with 450* watts and two speeds to secure best results depending on the food preparation task:

Speed 1 is ideal for operating the stainless steel whisk, e.g. when beating egg whites oder whipping ready-made desserts.

Speed 2 gives fast and fine results, e.g. when chopping garlic or preparing parmesan cheese.
* in some countries only 400 watts.

Patented SPLASHControl technology -standard for all Braun hand blenders

Enjoy perfect results with no mess. Braun's patented PowerBell blending shaft has been designed with SPLASHControl technology, an innovative range of features that prevents splashing and delivers smoother blending results - to keep you and your kitchen spotless.
compare SPLASHControl technology is so effective thanks to the interaction of 3 design factors:the 6 feet and arched openings allow optimum flow into the blade area.

The unique floral bell shape of the blending shaft draws food inward for finer and smoother blending. And the unique position of the blades inside the bell, specially angled in opposite directions to the bell shape. This innovative combination of SPLASHControl technology is standard in every Braun hand blender to give you perfect blending results with no splashing.

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