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  • How do I select the amount of cups on my KMM30?

    You will have to experiment for personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, for drip grind, use 10 seconds per cup.

  • How do I replace the blades on my KSM2 mill ?

    Please visit one of our authorized service partners.

  • How do I determine the grind on my KSM2?

    You can check the amount and consistency through the transparent lid while grinding. For a medium grind, depress the lid for approximately 15-20 seconds. For a fine grind, use 25-30 seconds.

  • How do I clean my grinder?

    On the KSM2 style, simply wipe inside and outside with a paper towel or brush out excess grinds. The lid can be washed in warm soapy water. On the KMM30, bean receptacles can be put in the dishwasher. You can also clean the opening with the cleaning brush or a pipe cleaner.

  • When I am grinding coffee beans the grinds stick to the plastic?

    This is caused by static. The electrostatic charge of the beans is different from the electrostatic charge of the plastic. We suggest rinsing the lid or bean receptacle in cold water prior to use to cut down on the static charge on the plastic.

  • When I grind my preferred coffee beans, does it matter how coarse the ground gets?

    Yes, it does. Too fine can cause over-extraction and bitterness. Too coarse means under-extraction and weak coffee not containing a full and balanced flavor. Further, if the ground is too fine, the filter can get clogged causing possible overflow. Best is a medium-sized ground.

  • Is it true that freshly self-ground coffee will deliver a better taste than pre-packed ground?

    The rule is the fresher, the better. Some pre-packed coffees, especially when packed in a vacuum deliver the same freshness, but as soon as you open the pack, the coffee looses the aroma when it gets in contact with light and air. Therefore, you should grind only the amount that you need for immediate use and store the beans airtight in a dark place.

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