IdentityCollection Multiquick 5 Hand blender MQ 5137 Vario MQ 5137 BK Sauce +

  • Variable one-hand speed wheel

    Variable one-hand speed wheel

    Maximum precision for performance control.Simply adjust the speed with your thumb for uninterrupted speed change.

  • PowerBell design for perfect blending results

    PowerBell design for perfect blending results

    Ultra-hard stainless steel blades and unique bell-shaped blending shaft.Anti-splash stainless steel shaft – for clean and tidy preparation.

  • EasyClick system

    EasyClick system

    Easily detachable shaft.Compatible with Easy-Click accessories.

  • Powerful 750 W motor

    Powerful 750 W motor

    Silent, compact,guaranteed reliability

  • Kneading


    Even heavy dough for bread,pasta, cakes and pies is prepared in less than a minute with the powerful kneading hook of the all-in-one foodprocessor – as evenly as working dough by hand.

  • Shredding


    Fruit and vegetables arebrought into perfect coarse or fine shape using the shredding insert in the food processor accessory.

  • Puréeing


    Effortlessly purée and mash cooked vegetables to a silky smooth result with purée accessory.

  • French fry

    French fry

    Fruit and vegetables are cut into French fry shapes thanks to a new disc included with food processor accessory.

  • Slicing


    Wonderfully even slices are provided with the cutter insert in the food processor accessory.

  • Chopping


    Chopping herbs or onions was never so easy and tearless.For small amounts of food, the small chopper(350 ml) is best.

  • Crushing


    Ice cubes can be easily crushed using the stainless steel ice crushing knife in the chopper /blender accessory (1.25 l).

  • Mincing


    Meat, hard cheese, nuts,carrots and more are chopped within seconds.