Food processors

Braun food processors: your secret behind gourmet cooking

If you want to get the perfect results consistently, look no further, because Braun has the best food processor for you. This appliance is durable, long lasting and versatile. Braun food processors aid you in preparing those complex gourmet dishes quickly and easily. This appliance comes with different accessories which can chop, slice, dice and even shred. For enhanced precision Braun food processors come with pre-set functions which give you identical results every time.

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Citrus press (2)

Dishwasher safe parts (2)

Dough tool (2)

Electronic, variable speed control (1)

Energy efficient (1)

French fries disc (2)

Juice extractor insert (1)

Plastic chopper bowl (1)

Plastic universal bowl (2)

Pre-set speed function (2)

Pulse button (2)

Stainless steel extra coarse shredding insert (1)

Stainless steel grating insert (2)

Stainless steel shredding insert (2)

Stainless steel slicing insert (2)

Wattage (2)

Whipping/blending tool (2)

Colour (2)

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