Food preparation

Braun kitchen appliances are truly versatile tools that can handle any food preparation effortlessly.

  • Hand blenders

    Hand blenders

    Braun Multiquick hand blenders are versatile, effortless and indispensable kitchen helpers at your service.

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  • Food processors

    Kitchen machine

    Real kitchen pros expect a lot from their equipment. That's no problem for kitchen machines from Braun because they are especially...

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  • Hand blender accessories

    Hand blender accessories

    If you thought a hand blender was only good for making milk shakes, baby food, soup or other quick fixes, you’ll be surprised how much...

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  • Food steamer

    Food steamer

    Braun food steamers are perfect for health-conscious cooks who want to prepare their food as naturally and gently as possible.

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  • Blenders

    The Multiquick blender range from Braun Household, South Africa.

    The Multiquick blenders are versatile and indispensable kitchen appliances. Now you can blend, chop, whip, slice, shred and knead using...

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