Sommelier Toaster HT 600

Enjoy your most important meal of the day with the stylish Sommelier toaster HT600. It produces only the best results - from baguettes to rolls.

The Sommelier Toaster HT600

The Sommelier toaster HT600 is a breakfast table must-have. Its modern design makes it a striking feature in the kitchen and it is easy and convenient to use. This two-slice, pop-up toaster ensures a tasty, toasty start to every day.

The Sommelier toaster HT600 from Braun Household, South Africa. Zoom IconsView Gallery

Designed with taste in mind

The Sommelier HT600 toaster has many excellent features. The electronic browning tool ensures that toast is never burnt and the pop-up function lets you know when your toast is ready to be enjoyed.

This two-slice toaster will guarantee a good start to your day.


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