Vegetarian Diet For Babies

It is perfectly healthy to feed your baby a purely vegetarian diet. The trick is simply to create balanced meals and our Vegetarian section will help you to do exactly that.

It is important to include your baby in as many family activities as possible and meal time is the perfect example. When your baby has passed the early stages of weaning he or she can easily join in on family meals. Even before the age of 12 months, babies can eat many of the foods that adults can.

When introducing your baby to solids and family meal time, it's a good opportunity to consider the quality of meals prepared for the whole family.

Ensure that meals are healthy and well balanced - this means that it includes enough starchy ingredients, not a lot of sugar, fatty foods or salt.

Most meals can be very easily prepared using a Braun Multiquick hand blender. Remember to not over-season the food. Extra salt and pepper can always be added at the table - if necessary of course.

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