Healthy Birthday Party Food For Your Baby - Part 2

Posted by Jenna Richards on 19/05/2015

The Cake

There are loads of fun options for your baby’s very first birthday cake. Some parents like to have a small separate cake that baby can have all to herself to mess up and play with and eat as she desires. Others achieve this exact outcome by simply serving individual cupcakes rather than one cake cut into slices. Another favourite of late is cake pops - now while these are not a favourite when it comes to babies (the stick can be more hassle than what its worth for this age), each pop seems to hold the perfect amount of cake for young children and toddlers. Cake pops are easy and  probably your least messy option when it comes to birthday cake. I personally love that they are not covered in tons of icing which again limits sugar intake. For many babies, this will be their very first taste of birthday cake. Keep it fun and relish the moment! 

A few important things to consider when planning your baby’s first birthday are:

Timing: the last thing that you want is to be partying away during your baby’s nap time. With all of the excitement it is very likely that your baby will be unable to sleep during the party and you will end up with one very grumpy very over stimulated toddler. Choose a happy time of day between nap times - for most one year olds, this will fall over lunch time. 

Length of your party: Again, a very long drawn out party will just be too much for your little one to handle. Stick within your baby’s awake times with enough time to wind down and settle into a nap once your guests have gone home. For a one year old, 2.5 - 3 hours is plenty

Venue: Your home is most probably the best place to host your babies first birthday party as this is where she will feel most secure and comfortable. If your home is not an option, then try a close family member or friends place. Anywhere that is familiar to your baby.

Guests: While this is a wonderful time to celebrate, it is not the ideal time to invite the whole world and their aunties. Invite those who are closest to you and your child, faces that your baby will recognise and be happy to see. A sea full of unrecognisable faces can be very overwhelming for your child and instead of enjoying her party, she will most likely want to spend it nestling into your shoulder from fright. 

Gifts: Gift opening is exciting, but this too can be an immense task for such a little person. Babies and toddlers can only handle a certain amount of stimulation and after a day full of partying, gift opening should probably wait for the next day. Take it slowly and follow your baby’s lead, opening gifts in a quiet space when she is interested - by doing this, you will not only savour the moment, but you will also maximise enjoyment. 

Relish this day and all that it represents, it will only ever happen once. Take as many photographs as you possibly can and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done - its been a WHOLE year!

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