Healthy birthday party food for your baby - Part 1

Posted by Jenna Richards on 05/05/2015

Congratulations, its been a whole year since your little one entered the world. You’ve had ups, you’ve had downs, its been hard, but so rewarding. Your little person has grown in leaps and bounds and now, it’s time to celebrate! And yes, the first birthday party really is mostly for you, the parents, but that’s ok - its been a year so full that it definitely deserves a celebration.

The key to hosting a successful party is really in the planning. First thing first is to pick a great theme. This will dictate everything that follows, including the food that you choose to serve. Think about how many people you would like to host, whether you are going to provide a meal or just snacks, will you need help with catering or are you going to brave it on your own.


Picking a theme

Its a great idea to pick a theme that your child can relate to - this could be a favourite animal, toy, book or even just a colour. 

Make or buy your invitations to match your theme and send these out around four weeks before your scheduled party date. This will give your guests ample time to respond.


Party Food

The opportunities when it comes to food really are endless! Are you going to provide snacks or are you going to provide a full meal? Bear in mind that with young children and baby parties, one will need to cater for parents and often siblings too.

Food to fit your theme: Having a puppy party? Why not feed your guests hot dogs and biscuits shaped as puppy treats. Farm Party? Serve breakfast foods such as bacon and eggs. You can really be as creative as you like and follow through with your theme to any extent.

Food for adults: Keep it simple. Decide on what you are going to serve and stick to just that. It is so easy to go overboard when it comes to catering for the adults 

Food For kids: Your little guests will be busy and will not want to interrupt play time to eat. For this reason, finger foods are a great option. Some babies may have quite few teeth by this age while others may not have even one. It is important to consider this when choosing food for your little guests. Aim for a large variety of colours, textures and tastes as this will draw attention for little people. Choose foods such as sandwiches, fruit cubes, biltong and dried fruit. Avoid foods that may pose as chocking hazard such as nuts, popcorn, raisins and marshmallows.  

Limit sweets, babies don't need sweets at a party. The birthday cake will be plenty sweet for them.


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