Healthy birthday party food for your toddler - Part 1

Posted by Jenna Richards on 02/06/2015

Another year has flown by, there is less baby and more kid in your little person and whether this makes you feel happy, sad or simply nostalgic, it calls for a celebration. It’s time to draw up a guest list find a venue, pick a theme, choose a cake and sort out the food… what about the food?

Food is an important part of any celebration in all nations around the world. No matter the culture or religion, we all celebrate with food. Traditions and types of food may vary greatly, but the idea is the same. Did you know that in Ghana, a child’s birthday breakfast is made up of a fried potato and egg patty? In Russia the family will celebrate with fruit pie instead of cake and in China, parties celebrating a child’s birth will always include red eggs and sweet steamed buns. One thing that is most common around the world, is that in most countries, birthday food is sweet.

The Sugar Debate

Don’t we all dread it? Your kids go off to a party and you just know that they are going to come back all strung up on sugar. Or alternatively, you are constantly trying to pry them away from the sweet table. Now I know that it is a birthday and it is a celebration but the fact is that our kids are exposed to so much sugar on a daily basis that adding these enormous amounts to parties is really not doing them any good. Keep it simple, offer a good, healthy and easy to eat meal shortly after your guests arrive. Arrange for some great entertainment and spend your time, money and energy on a gorgeous and very delicious cake. Cake will most of the time go to waste, simply because everyone has already had so much to eat, namely sugar, that they have no idea where to put it. By making the cake the highlight of your party, you will find that both the adults and the children will eat it and actually enjoy it too.

Decorate some kid sized water bottles to show off your party theme and serve these instead of highly sugared juice boxes or even better, find some funky water bottles, stick a label on them and let them double up as your party packs rather than sending a box full of treats home with your guests.

Themed Food

Now that we have got sugar out of the way, what ARE you going to feed all of these people? Have fun, be creative and follow your theme. These days, food makes up most of your party’s decor so use it wisely.

Colour parties - most toddlers go through colour phases. My 3 year old wont do much of anything of it doesn't involve pink! Colour parties can be lots of fun, it is easy to coordinate food to match your chosen colour and decor can be kept simple yet stylish.

Tv & Book Themes - Choose your toddlers favourite TV program or book and go wild. This is an easy one because you can feed off of the story. What food do the characters like? Serve it! Turn the book cover into your cake or make some character cupcakes.

Animal Themes - toddlers can have some crazy obsessions. Is your toddler completely captivated by cows? Fantastic!! Serve bottles of milk and healthy farm breakfast. Make a gorgeous cow cake or some cute cake pops.

Sport Themes - Is your little guy nuts about soccer? Get a soccer coach to come teach them a thing or two, serve anything round or soccer related (mini meat balls, scoops of fruit, half time orange wedges etc). Serve drinks in nifty sports bottles and make a soccer pitch cake or soccer ball cake pops.

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