CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron - IS 5043

CareStyle 5 steam generator iron IS 5043

Awarded as the best.

New iCare technology sets THE perfect temperature for EVERY fabric. 
For smart textile protection and faster, easier ironing.

CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron IS 5043

Awarded as the best.

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For those who appreciate German technology and quality, Braun introduces the new CareStyle 5 to the steam generator irons: It has the potential to become your wardrobe’s best friend! Whatever your ironing needs or expectations, the clever iCare technology works for you with smart textile protection by setting THE right temperature regardless of the type the fabric, from delicate to robust, to make your ironing experiences quicker and easier – with the same impeccable results.

The World’s first 3D BackGlide soleplate, with rounded and bevelled edges, helps the iron glide effortlessly – even backwards – over zippers, seams, buttons – anything it meets along the way. The ironing surface is twice as hard as stainless steel for optimum glideability, as well as enhanced scratch resistance and durability. There are numerous other features: such as the intuitive digital display, the 10 min iron auto-off function, as well as the innovative easy lock system and more - making the CareStyle 5 steam generator irons the perfect choice for fast and efficient care of your garments, and maximum ease through intelligent textile protection.



Smart textile protection
Easy lock 50% time saving

Offers smart textile protection for faster, more efficient and carefree ironing. It intelligently sets THE ideal temperature – no matter which fabric or garment.

No setting needed. 
iCare technology sets THE perfect temperature for EVERY fabric. Smart textile protection for perfect results faster.

50% less time consumption 
According to internal laboratory tests, comparing Braun TS 5 steam iron with Braun CareStyle 5 steam generator irons.

Eloxal 3D soleplate 360 glideability 340g/min steam shot

Smoothes perfectly and fast. Over all obstacles. Even backwards.

Braun Eloxal 3D is the first soleplate to combine a special coating with a unique curve shape to guarantee 360° glideablility in all directions. No stuck in buttons, pockets and wrinkles.

High steam performance
Higher volume of steam compared to a steam iron. Higher pressure to completely permeate the textile with finer steam. Faster to remove wrinkles.

Low Power Consumption

Eco mode
It’s possible to set the eco mode when no much steam is needed, in order to have less power consumption.

Safety iron auto-off

Safety iron auto-off
After 10 minutes without pressing the steam button the iron will turn into the auto-off mode.

Safety iron auto-off

Iron safe rest
Iron can stay unattended without burning textiles.

Easy CalcClean

Easy CalcClean
To maintain optimum performance, an LED advises when it’s time for descaling.

Easy lock

Easy lock system
Ultimate lock system to store the iron securely and easily.

High Compactness

High compactness
Easy carry and storage.


No setting needed.