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What are the advantages of an steam generator iron for you?
1More steam power for faster, easier ironing – effortlessly
  • Higher volume of steam per minute - more steam equals increased efficiency, allowing any garment to be quickly ironed to smooth perfection.
  • Higher steam pressure – which effectively distributes finer steam to completely permeate the material. No matter how crumpled, it will be wrinkle-free faster than you ever thought possible. The steam generator iron cuts your work in half – you will never again struggle to get garments and textiles wrinkle-free.
2Integrated water tank in the station for unmatched convenience
  • No more heavy lifting to tackle even the biggest jobs with ease - since the water tank is integrated in the station and separate from the iron it leads to a lighter iron giving you an easy and comfort feeling while ironing.
  • Larger water tank capacity – since the water tank is bigger than that of a traditional steam iron, it rarely requires refilling, meaning less hassle for you.

Ironing has never been this fast & easy

50% time savings!* Whether you iron every day or on occasion, or you simply don't like ironing at all there is no easier, more efficient and especially faster way to achieve superb results - with a minimum of effort.

* Internal laboratory test, comparing Braun TS 5 iron with Braun CareStyle 5 steam generator irons.

Introducing the new Braun CareStyle 5 steam generator irons

CareStyle Easy Lock

IS 5043

Carefree, easy and efficient
  • Smart iCare technology makes ironing a "no-brainer" for top results faster and easier

    Your wardrobe's new best friend: regardless of the length of time spent ironing or the amount to iron, your ironing needs or the garment – your ironing experiences will become faster and easier. The clever iCare technology in Normal and Eco modes protects your clothes by setting THE right temperature regardless of the type fabric, even the most delicate ones – for smart textile protection and no time wasted on heating up or cooling down. This saves time and aggravation and you will be pleased with the outcome.

  • The World's first 3D BackGlide soleplate to guarantee 360° glideability

    With a shape inspired by snowboards, the patented rounded and upward curving BackGlide soleplate guarantees 360° glideability and transforms ironing into a faster, more effi cient and hassle-free experience – while saving time and trouble. Never again will you get stuck on buttons, pockets and zippers, constantly readjusting the garment and causing new wrinkles. You will have no trouble accessing hard-to-reach areas, gliding along effortlessly over any fabric, any obstacle - and most importantly even backwards. Enjoying perfectly ironed results, fast.

  • Intuitively easy: smart, user-friendly digital display

    The digital display is easy to use and intuitive. It monitors and simplifies the ironing process for you. The LED panel guides you easily and smoothly through the ironing process. Just press the eco-button to conserve resources.

  • Iron auto-off function for enhanced safety and optimum energy efficiency

    The iron auto-off function switches the appliance off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use. When you leave the iron unattended – the auto-off function ensures safety by switching off the iron and conserves resources.

  • Easy lock system

    The one-move, easy lock feature secures the device safely and quickly: just press the iron down onto the station and it is locked. Just pick up the whole compact system and it is ready to be stored away – quickly and easily.

  • CalcClean system for perfect steam

    The CalcClean system ensures that you will be able to enjoy long-lasting performance from your device. It alerts you to any build-up of mineral scaling, and the cleaning process is simple and convenient – just follow 3 easy steps after your device cooled down: open the CalcClean valve, fi ll & shake, then close the valve and press the button on the interface panel. The light will turn on when it’s time to clean again – simply fast and easy.

  • High steam pressure (6 bar) and extra steam shot (340 g/min) for optimum performance

    Higher pressure helps the fine steam completely permeate the fabric, so that ironing is ultra-easy. Even the most stubborn creases are smooth in a flash thanks to the additional steam shot. The steam generator iron cuts your work in half. There is no easier way to get your clothes looking fresh-pressed, fast.

  • Excellent steam rate (up to 125 g/min)

    Heavy steam volumes make the steam generator irons a more powerful and easy way to keep your garments wrinkle-free. More steam means faster elimination of wrinkles - all of them.

  • Outstanding glideability and durability

    The unique Eloxal soleplate means your garments will be ironed more smoothly and quickly than ever before. At the same time, it guarantees outstanding scratch resistance – up to 2 x harder than stainless steel, for longer durability and perfect gliding over any garment.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for easiest use

    With a separate water tank, the Braun steam generator iron features an iron that is lightweight and ergonomic for maximum comfort while ironing. The lightweight design eases strain, making using the steam generator irons easier and faster compared to a traditional steam iron.

  • Perfectly compact design for easiest storage

    Outstanding in its pure and simple design, the Braun steam generator irons feature a compact design, supported by the convenient one-move easy lock system, allowing easy carrying of the whole system and space saving storage.

Smart iCare technology makes ironing a "no-brainer" for top results faster and easier

The World's first Eloxal 3D BackGlide soleplate to guarantee 360° glideability

Intuitively easy: smart, user-friendly digital display

Iron auto-off function for enhanced safety

Easy lock system

CalcClean system for perfect steam

Excellent Performance

High steam pressure (up to 7.5 bar) and extra steam shot (up to 400 g/min) for optimum performance

Excellent steam rate (120 g/min)

Outstanding glideability and durability

Compact & ergonomic design

Lightweight and ergonomic design for easiest use

Perfectly compact design for easiest storage

Standard for any   Braun product
German Technology
Braun products are conceived and developed according to German standards of quality. However, the virtues of German engineering are expressed here not only in the engineers' dedication to quality, but also in the passion that all the employees bring to creating perfectly manufactured products. Long-lasting quality contributes decisively to the strong image and success of the Braun brand. This is confirmed by satisfied customers who recommend the brand to others, as well as by the outstanding ratings and numerous victories in comparison tests carried out by independent consumer magazines and organizations.
100 Quality Tests – to guarantee the high quality standards, every device is thoroughly tested, from the development phase to the end of series production, captured over 50 years of Braun experience. To ensure reliability we put our products underneath real lifetime testing, which means that our steam generator irons are tested especially to meet consumer needs.

Awarded product
CareStyle 5 Steam generator irons
(IS 5043 Easy Lock)

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