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Spin Juicer SJ 3000


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Easy-filling tray

Easy-filling tray
For an easy and convenient filling – simply collect all pieces on the tray, and push them into the juicer one-by-one.

Foam separator

Foam separator
Simply pour and enjoy – the foam separator removes any foam to ensure that nothing but pure juice goes into the glass.

Compact footprint

Compact footprint
The compact design makes it very handy for everyday use and allows space-saving storage.

Powerful 600 W motor*

Powerful 600 W motor*
Silent, compact, guaranteed reliability.
*locked Motor Power

Dishwasher safe*

Dishwasher safe*
Easy & time-saving – can be disassembled with a few quick steps before putting it into the dishwasher.
*except filter


Perfect for energising carrot,  orange & papaya  juice

Energising carrot, orange & papaya juice



· 3 medium sized peeled carrots
·  ½ small peeled & seeded papaya
· 2 peeled oranges


1. Fill the peeled carrots into Brauns Spin juicer.

2. Add the peeled and seeded papaya as well as the two oranges.

3. For a convenient filling, just cut the papaya and oranges into pieces and collect them on the tray before pushing them into the juicer one-by-one.

4. Pour the fresh juice into a glass, stir well and enjoy!


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