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  • Which kind of water should I use? 

    Tap water is highly recommended. 

  • Sometimes water leaks out of the iron plate during ironing. What should I do?

    Possibly the temperature of the steam iron is not set high enough. Either increase the temperature or reduce the steam rate. 

  • How can I declarify the iron? 

    In order to clean the steam chamber declarify the steam iron following the user instructions.

    1. Fill the water tank to the maximum with tap water.
    2. Set the steam iron to maximum temperature setting and stand upright. Wait until it has reached maximum temperature.
    3. Unplug the steam iron from the power outlet. Caution: hot water and steam will come out from the sole plate when the steam regulator is turned clockwise beyound setting.
    4. Hold the steam iron in horizontal position over the sink. Turn the steam regulator clockwise above maximum to "anti-calc". The button will release the complete capacity of water from the tank and will rinse the water through the heating block of the iron. Scale and other residues will be released out of the soleplate.
    5. Please repeat the procedure up to 3 times if necessary.
    6. Place the released steam regulator in citrus acid or clear vinegar. Remove any scale deposits and residues from the steam regulator with tap water. Put it back in its position.

    After cleaning refill the tank with water, heat up the iron and press the precision shot button 4 times to rinse the iron before ironing.

    Do not use commercial descalers - they may damage the iron.

  • Sometimes I hear a "click" sound from the iron, what does it mean? 

    The soft click sound probably comes from the working thermostat on your temperature settings. 

  • What does the light signal? 

    A constant light means that the iron is heating up, when it switches off your temperature setting is achieved. The flashing light indicates the stand-by mode of the auto-off function. 

  • How does the auto-off function work? 

    The auto-off system enables maximum safety and saves energy. It shuts off after 8 minutes in the vertical position or 30 seconds in horizontal position. Once the iron is moved out of the vertical / horizontal position it will start to heat up again. 

  • What are the benefits of the Eloxal Soleplate? 

    Eloxal soleplates are very scratch resistant with perfect glidability.

    Even though it is very unlikely scratches on Braun soleplates will appear, small and thin scratches won't impact the ironing result. 

  • Why should I consider the Saphir soleplate? 

    The Saphir soleplate is Braun's highest scrath resistant soleplate with optimal glidability. 

    Even though it is very unlikely scratches on Braun soleplates will appear, small and thin scratches won't impact the ironing result. 

  • What is variable steam? 

    Variable steam is the constant steam rate which can be adjusted by the steam regulator. The full performance of the steam is available at all temperature settings above level 2. The temperature selector indicates this with a steam icon. 

  • The iron is not steaming - what can I do to resolve this?

    • The temperature setting may be too low.
    • Steam regulator is set to 0.
    • The heating block might be clarified. Please see instructions for cleaning and declarification.
  • What is the vertical steam?

    This describes the usage of the steam iron in a vertical position. You can treat fabrics like curtains with steam to remove wrinkles whilst they are still hanging. 

  • Where can I buy spares for my Braun product?

    For spare parts please contact Buy Spares by clicking here

  • I have a missing part on my new Braun product. Can you help?

    Rather than returning your product to the retailer we may be able to send the missing part out to you. Please provide details of the part which is missing and your full contact details. To enable us to assit you with your enquiry quickly please also include the model number. Please use the contact form on our website to send this information to us. 

  • How long is the guarantee on my iron?

    All Braun products carry a guarantee period of two years. The rights and benefits under this guarantee are additional to your statutory rights which are not affected. Please keep your receipt as this will form the basis of your guarantee. In the event of a breakdown please check this website for assistance. 

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    This varies according to the model. TexStyle 7 models have a 2.5m power cord, and the TexStyle 3 models have a 2m power cord. 

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