ID Collection Centrifugal juicer J 500

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  • High performance juicing system

    High performance juicing system

    Enjoy your early-morning vitamin boost quickly and without extra work. The high-performance juicing system gets the most out of your fruit. It only takes 15 seconds to make a refreshing, healthy glass of juice. The process is not only quick but also convenient and effi cient: the powerful motor and automatic feeder system allow you to effortlessly create perfect juice.

  • Nothing but pure juice

    Nothing but pure juice

    Simply pour and enjoy! The perfect combination of foam separator and stainless steel micro-mesh sieve remove any foam, ensuring that you get nothing but pure juice in your glass.

  • Make juice with whole fruits

    Make juice with whole fruits

    The large chute is perfect for processing whole fruits: no need to spend time pre-cutting anything, simply throw in large chunks or whole fruits and let the juicer transform your ingredients into a delicious beverage. The ultimate convenience.

  • Innovative anti-drip system for your spotless kitchen

    Innovative anti-drip system for your spotless kitchen

    The drip-stopper function ensures that your kitchen remains clean – with one push of the anti-drip button – simply press to avoid messiness and spills.

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