Different ways to enjoy coffee

We know you love the taste of good coffee so we've put together some delicious coffee recipes and added some of the classic coffee drinks - in case you fancy a change.

  • Viennese coffee

    Viennese coffee
    A cup of coffee from the traditional home of the coffee house: Vienna.
  • Mocha

    Mocha got its name from a port on the Red Sea coast of Yemen, which was the major marketplace for coffee in the 15th-17th centuries.
  • Café au lait

    Café au lait
    Café au lait is traditionally drunk at breakfast in France. It is best made with a third of a cup of strong filter coffee or espresso...
  • Ice Coffee

    Ice Coffee
    What better drink on a hot summer’s day? Here’s how to make a great glass of iced coffee.
  • Tiramisu

    A classic modern-day dessert. But did you know that the origins of tiramisu go back as far as the Renaissance?
  • Mousse au chocolat

    Mousse au chocolat
    Coffee gives this classic dessert a rather special taste. Why not try this recipe?
  • Crème brûlée with coffee

    Crème brûlée
    Crème brûlée is one of Europe’s most popular desserts. But have you ever tried this variation with coffee?
  • Coffee muffins

    Coffee Muffins
    After muffins crossed the Atlantic some years ago, they have become popular in many European countries. Why not try this recipe with...
  • Coffee crackers

    Coffee Crackers
    The wonderful flavour of freshly brewed coffee makes these crackers a real treat – and they go just as well as a light dessert.
  • Baked coffee apples or pears

    Coffee apples and pears
    This recipe with apples or pears makes a delicious dessert – especially for passionate coffee-drinkers!

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