TexStyle 3 - 345

TexStyle 3 Steam iron TS 345

All you need to get your ironing done
perfectly in ease and comfort.

TexStyle 3 Steam Iron TS 345

The Braun TexStyle 3 steam iron 345 - discover easy ironing.

If you want to get rid of creases quickly and get on with enjoying life, choose Braun TexStyle 3 - your ironing made easy.
TexStyle 3 gives you everything you expect from an iron: great performance, an easy grip for comfortable, convenient handling, an attractive, affordable design and an exciting range of vibrant colours to match your mood and lifestyle.

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Steam shot
Steam shot up to 100 g/min, even vertically – perfect for removing creases in curtains and garments.

Self Clean
Easy to use and convenient system to clean the soleplate from scale particles. 

300 ml water tank
For longer ironing autonomy. 

Ceramic soleplate
Ensures uniform heat distribution. Gentle to all fabrics.

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