Multiquick 9 Cordless Hand blender MQ 930cc

With no cords to get in the way, the Multiquick 9 CORDLESS hand blender provides the freedom to process food anywhere - even directly on the stove or outdoors. No matter where, the cordless hand blender is ready to blend wherever you are. 

Multiquick 9 cordless hand blender MQ 930cc

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The powerful Braun Multiquick 9 MQ 930cc CORDLESS is the most effortless way to prepare food and can be used anywhere and everywhere. It is the perfect tool to easily create foods, drinks and desserts. The Multiquick 9 hand blender has all the power you need to perform a variety of tasks.

Discover the freedom of cordless

Discover the freedom of cordless

No more tangled cords. You can freely move around the kitchen and blend directly into the pan. The cordless design allows you store your hand blender neatly and hassle free. Cordless doesn't mean that you're compromising on performance.

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Advanced Lithium-Ion Technology insight

The advanced Lithium-Ion technology ensures long life and all the power you need. Low self-discharge battery technology: virtually no loss of capacity after 3 month storage*. Indeed with its Lithium-Ion batteries it can operate up to 20 minutes for powerful performance and be recharged quickly.  Braun's MQ 930cc CORDLESS chops meat, carrots & more in seconds: 

  • Meat (200g)  15-30sec. 
  • Parmesan (150g) 30 sec. 
  • Onions (200g) 10x1
  • Parsley (20g) 20 sec.  
  • Carrots  (200g) 5 sec. 
  • Walnuts (200g) 25 sec. 
  • Almonds (200g) 30 sec. 

(*at room tem 20°C) 

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Standing charging Unit

The Multiquick 9 CORDLESS hand blender MQ 930cc comes with a charging unit you can use to both recharge & store your hand blender. A quick charge can be achieved in 15 minutes (a full charge takes 2 hours). The elegent and stylish design of the standing charging unit makes it an eyecatcher on any kitchen counter.    

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PowerBell for fast and perfect results 
With the patented PowerBell a combination of ultra-hard stainless steel blades and a unique blending bell shape – you will get excellent blending performance.

Multifaceted chopper accessories 
Braun chopper accessories have a special multifaceted shape which pushes the food back into the blades to ensure its chopped several times, for a finer and better end result.

Transmission of power to motor 
With their German engineered transmission of power to the blades rather than a high wattage, Braun hand blenders deliver exceptionally reliable performance every time

While Braun hand blenders have been designed for minimum wattage waste and maximum efficiency while pureeing, they still have all the power needed to chop hard ingredients or even crush ice whenever needed.

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500ml chopper

The 500ml chopper accessory chops meat in 15 till 30 seconds, hard cheese in 30 seconds or carrots in 5 seconds. With its 500ml capacity it will be a strong support for every day family meals. It will help you easily prepare pasta sauces, marinades, sauces or crusts for meat and fish dishes, chop onions for salads and even prepare baby food. 

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